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Women of Curling Calendar 2010

They’re back!

Some of you curling fans heard there would indeed be another Fire On Ice calendar for the 2010 season, but that it would only be available in Europe.

Fear not. The Curling News is riding to the rescue, and offering this exclusive, oversized, gorgeous product once again – as we did in 2006, and then again in 2007, and then again last year – to Canadians and Americans.

It is a fundraiser, you see, with all curling athlete/models receiving proceeds from every sale. And no less than seven Olympians who are currently finishing up the round robin competition in Vancouver are included in this calendar.

For a sneak peek of one such athlete/model, head to this Danish news story (be advised of ADULT CONTENT).

To purchase the 2010 Fire On Ice women’s curling calendar, which will be shipped within three weeks in a protective sleeve, please call:

1-800-605-CURL (2875)

or send an email to:

Support curling’s proud – and beautiful – female athletes today!

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