Mo’vember 2009

We’ve talked about it before, and we’re talking about it again… It’s Mo’vember.
This is the month in which to raise awareness about prostate cancer, to raise some money for research and hopefully save lives.

This is the most common cancer among Canadian males, afflicting one in six men, and is a greater threat for those with a family history of the disease.

That’s more than one guy on every sheet of ice during a men’s curling league night at a six-sheet club.

In the past, high-performance competitors have shown support by growing a Mo’vember moustache.

Last year we showed you the wonderfully cheesy Team Glenn Howard, all four of them adorned with a variety of facial foliage.

Team Brad Gushue lead man Jamie Korab also participated, at the 2008 Masters of Curling in Waterloo, Ontario (Capital One photo above by Anil Mungal).

Please visit the Mo’vember website for more information.

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Movember Curling

Movember, the month of moustaches, is back in full force. Curling men are asked to not shave for the entire month, beginning tomorrow, to show support for the fight against prostate cancer. BalancePlus chief – and the coach of Team Glenn Howard – is Mr. Scott Taylor, and he is the prime mover behind this campaign, which you can read about in the October 29 posting at the SWEEP! magazine site.

You may recall our promotion of this thing last year. And yes, that’s them Howards (photo above by Tae) after winning Brantford’s SunLife cashspiel last Movember. Wonderfully cheesy, and all for a great cause.

What else is going on, you ask?

• The 2010 “Olympic Brier” is bound for Halifax, and will be announced there next week. Another story is located here, and another here

• They’re looking for more Tim Hortons Brier volunteers in Calgary, stories here and here

• As yesterday’s post indicated, today is the last day for one kind of tickets to the Ford Worlds in Moncton and tomorrow launches another series of ticket packages …

• Bismark, North Dakota will host the Brazil/USA Worlds challenge on January 30 to February 1. Background info located here

• The Chinese have left Canada and are in New Zealand, preparing for the Pacific Championships which start on Sunday. Meanwhile, the Aussies – who had a productive yet somewhat disappointing performance in Grand Forks – are looking for more success

• The new $1.5M curling centre in Midland, Michigan is ready to open, as ABC-12, WNEM TV and NBC-25 all show us. The debut opening is November 8 …

• The A-division draw is up for the 2008 Le Gruyère European Curling Championships …

• CONTEST ALERT: This one is for readers in the Kitchener-Waterloo area of Ontario, as the local blat if offering up six pairs of Event Passes to the first Capital One Grand Slam of the season, the Masters of Curling

Amy Nixon is on The Curling Show, and other recents have been KPark, B.C.’s Bob Ursel and everyone’s favourite, mrnn

• We are now 496 days away from Vancouver’s other major sports doo-dah, the Paralympic Winter Games …

• 2002 Olympic bronze medallist and 2000 world champion skip Kelley Law surfaced last week, and as this story tells, she is content with her life away from the curling ice …

Nerdsopolis has returned our recent shout-out: grazie …

• The dark side of curling? Bring it on, baby! After all, this is the Halloween weekend …

This Dutch blog likes the Women of Kurling and their Kalendar

• There may be hope for northern Ontario’s Rainy River club following their critical meeting last Friday …

• California’s Wine Country Curling Club will learn its fate at a Vacaville city council meeting on November 11 …

29 years of writing about local women’s curling? Wow …

• Rookies tossed some “22kg stone thingys” at Fenton’s the other day …

Don Gordon of Lake Cowichan, B.C. quotes a curling story in talking tough about supporting a local arena upgrade plan

• We have more curling tales from Schenectady, NY and also from Greg in Hollywood

• The site of the original “Callie” was set ablaze on Wednesday …

• Melfort, SK needs an icemaker

• Kamloops city councillor Arjun Singh has blogged about a local curling club asking for funding …

• Finally, we like this definition of curling posted by the Kalamazoo CC:

CURLING: The difference between a great winter and a crappy, not-enough-snow-to-really-ski winter!

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Movember moustaches

BalancePlus is supporting the month of “Movember”, which is a new campaign to battle prostate cancer, by inviting male curlers to grow a moustache – starting tomorrow – through the entire month of “Movember”.

And if they have one already, the ask is to shave it off tomorrow, and start regrowing. They even hope to see some Grand Slam athletes sporting their stache on CBC, live from Quebec City, at the end of “Movember”.

BP has already raised $10,000 in the fight, courtesy of their new blue and orange carbon-fibre brush handles, in which a whopping $100 from each handle goes directly to the charity. In the CurlingZone photo above, Toronto’s Mike Harris shows off the new brush at this month’s Tour stop in Vancouver.

Check out this YouTube clip to learn more about the prostate cancer threat, and the “Movember” campaign.

And let’s hope to see some facial foliage crop up on Tour and at local curling clubs over the next few weeks. Right, boys?

Elsewhere …

Cliffy’s second straight win in Portage keeps his squad in first place on The Curling News Top 15 men’s ranking (right-hand margin). Meanwhile, Saskatoon’s Stefanie Lawton climbed to fourth on the TCN Top 15 women’s list after yesterday’s hometown Tour victory

• Yeah, that Korbel NYC ice was definitely heavy… and here’s the promo for December’s broadcast, too …

• So this is where a good chunk of Victoria 2005’s 225K profit went… cool …

The Curling Show raps with KMart third Johnny Mo

• Guess what: Wayden women’s Slam has a blog

• And speaking of women, Al Cameron rather bluntly begs you to “suck it up ladies… fire away at each other.” Well, why not! …

• Duluth has put out a call for videos

• Here’s pseudo-curling at a Japanese game centre

• And, still with Japan, you Go! Go! Girls!!!, indeed ….

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The Blue & Orange

All good things must come to an end, and it looks like the pink gear sported by Team Glenn Howard – the world champions, of course – has moved on… to orange and blue. Or has it?

Team sponsor BalancePlus has announced a limited run of new specialty carbon-fibre tapered brushes are on sale now, with proceeds going to prostate cancer research. That’s $100 from every brush going to this cause, which will be embraced by the team through the coming 2007-08 season.

That doesn’t mean you can’t get pink brushes anymore… indeed, they are also still on sale via the BalancePlus website. But the new campaign should deliver another $10,000 to the Prostate Cancer Research Foundation of Canada, and should also deliver a new look for the colourful Howard guys this fall.

Unless the Howards are sticking with pink, meaning that another team would be donning the blue and orange. Hrmm… any thoughts?

What a busy bunch, these world champs are. Fresh off a party at their home club which drew a whack of supporters, the boys are in Sudbury today as part of Tim Hortons Camp Day, visiting no less than 13 Tim Hortons area locations.

“They might serve coffee, pose for pictures, sign autographs, talk about curling, whatever they want to do,” said John McLellan, Tim Hortons’ regional marketing manager for Northern Ontario.

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