New curling calendar now on sale

Another fundraising tool for curling facilities

Celebrate the Roaring Game in all its glory – for some great causes

Celebrate the Roaring Game – and support some great causes

First came the Women of Curling. Then, last season, the Men of Curling.

Now for 2015, The Curling News and The Community Fundraiser have announced the Spirit of Curling, the latest installment in their successful series of fundraising wall calendars.

The 2015 Spirit of Curling Calendar retails online for $20.00 each plus taxes, shipping and handling, at The Spirit of Curling website.

A portion of proceeds from each purchase go to three charitable campaigns: the Canadian Curling Association’s “For The Love of Curling” philanthropic program, the Sandra Schmirler Foundation, which has now contributed over $2.5 million to 35 Canadian hospital neonatal intensive care units, and the Canadian Spinal Research Organization’s “Shoot For A Cure” campaign, which amasses research funding to find a cure for spinal paralysis.

“The 2014 Men of Curling Calendar raised more than $100,000 for multiple charities and causes, across Canada and around the world,” said George Karrys, Publisher of The Curling News. “Now, the 2015 Spirit of Curling Calendar will engage curlers and curling fans in a celebration of the tradition, honour and great history of the Roaring Game.”

A special curling facility program is also available, allowing clubs to purchase copies at a discount and re-sell the calendars in the local community for a fundraising profit, to aid in any number of areas – including capital costs, prize funds, and support for junior, bantam or Little Rock programs.

“The 2015 Spirit of Curling Calendar is a great fundraising tool for curling centres across Canada, the United States, Europe and other curling-crazy countries,” said Rick Warner, President of The Community Fundraiser. “Any interested club representatives can call or email, and we will set them up to engage their communities this fall.”

Each calendar is printed on glossy stock and shrink-wrapped, and ships in a protective envelope with a stiff cardboard insert. Each of the 12 calendar months features a comprehensive worldwide curling tournament schedule, listing colour-coded men’s, women’s, mixed and open events.

The Canadian Curling Association also commented on today’s release.

“We’re extremely pleased that this beautiful calendar will play a significant role in continuing the growth of curling in Canada,” said CCA Chief Executive Officer Greg Stremlaw. “Like For The Love of Curling, the Spirit of Curling puts its focus on the grassroots of the game, while still acknowledging some of the sport’s biggest names and showing their athleticism. And the added bonus is that by buying this calendar, you’re helping young curlers and local curling centres.”

Advance orders for the 2015 Spirit of Curling Calendar are now underway at The Spirit of Curling website, with product shipping in the second week of November.

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November special: Men of Curling

Special extended through December 9!

Mike McEwen is “on special” this month!

The success of the first-ever men’s curling charity calendar just keeps on growing.

Recently, The Curling News sold out of the initial press run of 5,000 copies and placed another order to deal with the pre-Christmas shopping rush. This alone is fantastic news.

Now, customers have a new option for purchasing – but the window is short.

If you’ve been following the Twitter feeds and Facebook pages of your favourite men’s curling athletes or teams, you may have noticed recent invitations to buy the red-hot 2014 Men of Curling Calendar from some of the models themselves.

Indeed, each of the 12 athletes has a personal sales webpage now in operation, albeit on a temporary basis. Until the end of November, any purchases made through each athlete’s personal page will a) save the purchaser CDN $5.00 from the regular purchase price and b) direct the revenues directly to that athlete’s charity or cause of choice.

So… if you’re a fan of John Morris, and/or you like his support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Calgary and Area, you can choose to make your purchase from his personal page as opposed to the main page – which saves you money and specifically helps his cause.

If you can’t get enough of Jon Mead and his support of curling’s Sandra Schmirler Foundation, you can purchase through his personal page.

If you love Thomas Ulsrud and/or his Crazy Pants and/or his intriguing idea to announce his charitable cause during February’s Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games, then look no further than this page here.

Is cover boy Mike McEwen your thing? How about Movember, his hairy-lipped choice for fundraising? Either way, this page is for you.

And it continues, with all 12 models offering a (formerly) secret short link to their own personal pages. Here is a full list of the athletes and those links… click on each one to see which cause or charity each athlete is supporting:

Mr. January – Niklas Edin (Sweden)

Mr. February – Thomas Ulsrud (Norway)

Mr. March – David Murdoch (Scotland)

Mr. April – E.J. Harnden (Sault Ste. Marie, Canada)

Mr. May – Carter Rycroft (Grande Prairie, Canada)

Mr. June – Jon Mead (Winnipeg, Canada)

Mr. July – Paul Flemming (Halifax, Canada)

Mr. August – Craig Savill (Ottawa, Canada)

Mr. September – Brad Jacobs (Sault Ste. Marie, Canada)

Mr. October – Ben Hebert (Calgary, Canada)

Mr. November – Mike McEwen (Winnipeg, Canada)

Mr. December – John Morris (Calgary and Vernon/Kelowna, Canada)

Why not take advantage of this time-sensitive, targeted offer?

Thanks in advance, folks, for your continued support of this amazing project, these amazing athletes and the charitable causes they represent!

[Winnipeg Free Press photo copyright ® by Melissa Martin – click on image to increase viewing size]

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Men of Curling Calendar announced

Olympic and world champions in fundraiser for charity, curling facilities

NO GALS: It’s all men in the 2014 calendar fundraiser

TORONTO, CANADA – Move over, ladies. The boys are here.

Following seven years of women’s curling calendars, The Curling News and today announced the launch of the 2014 Men of Curling Calendar.

12 male high-performance curling athletes from four countries have designed and produced their own images for the first-ever Men of Curling Calendar, which will raise funds for more than 10 different causes or charities in addition to curling facilities that wish to use the product as a fundraiser.

“These are not only the best players in the world today, these are also some of the greatest characters the world of curling has to offer,” said Olympic, World and Canadian champion John Morris of Chestermere, Alberta.

“Everyone in these pages is committed to competition, to the growth and positive image of our sport, and to making a difference for people in our communities. It’s a privilege for me to be a part of this.”

As of 12 noon EST today, the 2014 Men of Curling Calendar went on sale online at for a price of CDN $29.95, which includes North American shipping and handling.

In addition, each of the 12 athlete models will be selling the product in person at a substantial discount, with a portion of those revenues going to a charitable cause of their choice.

Finally, a third fundraising stream is open to curling facilities that wish to sell the product as an internal fundraiser.

Joining Morris in the 2014 Men of Curling Calendar lineup is a slew of Canadian curling stars including former teammate and fellow Olympic champion Ben Hebert of Calgary; World champion and Olympic silver medallist Carter Rycroft of Grande Prairie, Alberta; World champion Jon Mead of Winnipeg, two-time World winner Craig Savill of Ottawa; defending Canadian champions and world No.1-ranked Brad Jacobs and E.J. Harnden of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario; veteran Atlantic Canadian skip Paul Flemming of Halifax and World Curling Tour cash king Mike McEwen of Winnipeg.

Three global superstar skips round out this exclusive group of 12: Defending European and World champion Niklas Edin of Sweden, defending Olympic silver medallist Thomas Ulsrud of Norway, and three-time world champion David Murdoch of Scotland.

The “cover boy” for the 2014 Men of Curling Calendar is Mike McEwen, whose team currently ranks sixth in the world men’s rankings.

“It was an honour to be asked to pose for the calendar, but I was really surprised when they told me about the cover,” said McEwen, who captured the men’s title at the China Open in Beijing earlier today. “There’s 11 other awesome athletes participating, and any one of them could have been chosen to represent this project.”

McEwen said the final go-ahead came from his wife, Dawn McEwen (formerly Askin) who plays lead for the 2008 world women’s champions, Team Jennifer Jones – third-place finishers in Beijing.

“Dawn told me to go for it,” said McEwen. “And besides, she’s the one who actually approved my pictures!”

Each of the 12 athlete models is represented with three images, and each month also includes curling event listings from around the world, colour-coded according to the type of tournament: Men, Women, Men and Women combined, and Mixed/Open.

Cheryl Bernard is one former curling calendar model who is eager to see what her male compatriots have produced.

“Oh, (that’s) hilarious, it’s about time,” said Bernard, the 2010 Olympic silver medallist from Calgary, Alberta, Canada who posed in the 2011 Women of Curling Calendar.

“The girls have done a few calendars, so this is long overdue. It’s charity-driven, so it’s a great fundraising opportunity for various charities and for curling clubs.

“I’m not too surprised, but I’m kind of amazed they all agreed to do it. I can’t wait to see what the guys decided to do with their photos.”


To request a graphic of the 2013 Men of Curling Calendar cover or to interview any of the 12 athlete models, contact:

George Karrys, The Curling News

To inquire about curling club/group fundraising and/or multiple or international orders, contact:

Rick Warner, The Community Fundraiser (


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2011 Women of Curling

Yes, it’s true. She said she’d never, ever do it.

But she did.

Vancouver Olympic silver medallist and curling heroine Cheryl Bernard is one of 13 female athlete models unveiled today in the new 2011 Women of Curling Calendar, an all-Canadian product now on sale for charity.

The glossy wall calendar features Calgary’s Bernard, Winnipeg’s four-time and defending Canadian champion Jill Officer (left, from Team Jennifer Jones) and even the legendary Colleen Jones, the five-time national women’s champion from Halifax, who has returned to competition this fall after a brief hiatus from the sport.

The 2011 Women of Curling Calendar, which features curling ladies from coast to coast, also includes national-level athletes, former junior champions and even a novice recently attracted to the sport following the excitement of Vancouver 2010.

“I know I said definitely not, no posing in a calendar,” laughed Bernard. “I think I said never, actually. But this one is not so much risqué, at least not in my case. At least I don’t think so!

“My image promotes fitness and health for all women. That’s what I want to project and that’s what this project offered.”

The first “Fire On Ice” women’s curling calendar debuted in the fall of 2005 and was an international media and pop culture sensation right through the 2006 Olympic Winter Games in Turin, Italy.

That calendar, and more recent efforts, have all featured a majority of European curing stars. The 2011 edition, produced by The Curling News and aimed as a charitable fundraising project, features an all-Canadian cast of strong, confident and beautiful female athletes.

“These girls designed their own photo shoots, found their own photographers, and everyone contributed to it for charity,” said George Karrys, publisher of The Curling News.

“Some of these ladies went all out in terms of the creative concept, and things like wardrobe, makeup, you name it. The commitment they made is unbelievable.”

The calendar costs $29.95 each and is available online at It is also available through and will also be available through other curling websites, such as

Curling clubs, in addition to the athlete models, can access product at a discounted rate, which also makes the calendar a fundraiser for their local communities.

“We’ll be promoting this wherever we go in the curling world,” said Kari MacLean. who is one of two members of Team Krista McCarville – the Ontario champions and third-place finishers at the 2009 Olympic Trials – to appear in the calendar.

“Maybe Ashley (Miharija) and I will have a team contest,” said MacLean. “Who can sell more, the blonde or the brunette?”

Proceeds will go to Shoot For A Cure Curling, the sport-focussed fundraising and awareness campaign of the Canadian and American Spinal Research Organizations (CSRO/ASRO).

Shoot For A Cure, which is also supported by the National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA) is committed to finding a cure for spinal paralysis. The campaign also strives to increase awareness of the Paralympic sport of Wheelchair Curling.

The Curling News is the global media authority on the sport of curling. Founded in Canada in 1957, The Curling News publishes six issues during the annual curling season and also leverages itself via multiple online platforms including Facebook and Twitter.

The 2011 Women of Curling are:

December 2010: Colleen Jones, Nova Scotia
January 2011: Ashley Miharija, Ontario
February: Cheryl Bernard, Alberta
March: Chelsea Carey, Manitoba
April: Jill Officer, Manitoba
May: Kari MacLean, Ontario
June: Sarah Wark, British Columbia
July: Andrea Leganchuk, Ontario
August: Trica Affleck, Prince Edward Island
October: Kristy Jenion, Manitoba
November: Teri Lake, Nova Scotia
December: Darah Provencal, British Columbia

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Women of Curling Calendar 2010

They’re back!

Some of you curling fans heard there would indeed be another Fire On Ice calendar for the 2010 season, but that it would only be available in Europe.

Fear not. The Curling News is riding to the rescue, and offering this exclusive, oversized, gorgeous product once again – as we did in 2006, and then again in 2007, and then again last year – to Canadians and Americans.

It is a fundraiser, you see, with all curling athlete/models receiving proceeds from every sale. And no less than seven Olympians who are currently finishing up the round robin competition in Vancouver are included in this calendar.

For a sneak peek of one such athlete/model, head to this Danish news story (be advised of ADULT CONTENT).

To purchase the 2010 Fire On Ice women’s curling calendar, which will be shipped within three weeks in a protective sleeve, please call:

1-800-605-CURL (2875)

or send an email to:

Support curling’s proud – and beautiful – female athletes today!

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