We made The Curling News Top 15?!

We made The Curling News Top 15?!

The Curling News Top 15 is a weekly ranking of the best curling team performances as they occurred around the world, for both men and women, and utilizes savvy curling knowledge, complex mathematical theorems, and plain old subjectivity.

Read the comments under each team name for hints and tips on our line of thinking; and if you disagree, or believe we're missing a notable team performance entirely, send us a message via the contact page and we'll consider your input.


Top 15 Men

Updated Mar 4, 2012

  1. Brad Jacobs (Sault Ste. Marie)

    Grit, determination and grace under Olympic pressure; champions forever. Well done to Mr. September, Mr. April and the two Ryans!

  2. David Murdoch (Scotland)

    Finally broke through with Sochi silver; congratulations to Mr. March and his lads!

  3. John Morris (Kelowna/Vernon)

    Holds position with an emphatic B.C. win, Mr. December and pals are off to Kamloops

  4. Niklas Edin (Sweden)

    Rescued a poor season with hard-fought Olympic bronze; congrats to Mr. January and his mates!

  5. Jeff Stoughton (Winnipeg)

    Wins Manitoba again -- congrats to Mr. June et al -- then adjusts front-end before the Brier

  6. Kevin Koe (Calgary)

    Back to the Brier -- along with Mr. May -- by beating the other Kevin

  7. Rui Liu (China)

    Started leaking oil late in Sochi, but for some seven days his team was untouchable. Yes: China is for real

  8. Kevin Martin (Edmonton)

    Post-NBC suit and tie, KMart plus Mr. October and mates will be in Fort Mac

  9. Mike McEwen (Winnipeg)

    Mr. November and Co. fell just short -- again

  10. Brad Gushue (St. John's)

    Looking for playoffs in Kamloops

  11. Glenn Howard (Penetang, ON)

    There are two Slams left for Glenn, Mr. August and the boys

  12. Thomas Ulsrud (Norway)

    Miracle Murdoch shot ousted Mr. February and teammates from Sochi

  13. Steve Laycock (Regina)

    Won a controversial Sask title

  14. Sven Michel (Switzerland)

    That was pretty bad, actually

  15. Greg Balsdon (Toronto)

    New Ontario champs deserving of Kamloops

Top 15 Women

Updated Mar 4, 2012

  1. Jennifer Jones (Winnipeg)

    A performance for the ages, particularly in the Olympic final; congratulations to the champions!

  2. M. Sigfridsson (Sweden)

    They still throw their stones funny -- but who cares. Silver medallists came to fight, and nearly snatched gold

  3. Eve Muirhead (Scotland)

    Already served notice she wants gold in 2018; well doon to the Olympic bronze medallists!

  4. Rachel Homan (Ottawa)

    Overwhelming performance at Montreal STOH. Seems strange to rank them fourth but hey, it's an Olympic year

  5. Mirjam Ott (Switzerland)

    Clearly wasn't herself in Sochi but fought like a tiger to the very end; top four in all four career Olympic Winter Games

  6. Val Sweeting (Edmonton)

    Lost STOH final to Homan; obviously one to watch

  7. Chelsea Carey (Winnipeg)

    Bronze in first STOH appearance; team changes are in the wind

  8. Bingyu Wang (China)

    Fell apart at the Olympic crunch in Sochi; what happens now without Coach Rocque?

  9. Stefanie Lawton (Saskatoon)

    Finally wins another SASK, finally makes STOH playoffs -- will they make a run at PyeongChang 2018?

  10. Lene Nielsen (Denmark)

    Poor start, decent finish at Olympic Winter Games in southern Russia

  11. Silvana Tirinzoni (Switzerland)

    Pounded in Swiss women's final after a solid non-Olympic season

  12. Andrea Crawford (Oromocto)

    6-5 won/loss record at a sadly sub-par STOH

  13. Binia Feltscher (Switzerland)

    Wins Swiss women's title, off to Saint John this month

  14. Anna Sidorova (Russia)

    2013 Women of Curling Calendar cover model couldn't handle hometown Olympic pressure

  15. Michele Jaeggi (Switzerland)

    That makes nine of 15 spots for international (non-Canadian) women's teams... woe, Canada?