October 19, 2018

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    Edouard Staffan Napoléon Gedda

    Where can a view the calander girls ?

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    Well, I personally do not see any reason for all the hype about a silly nude calendar. Nude clendars are almost as old as sex itself.
    I never knew curling existed until the last Olympics and never saw it again until the Italiano Olympia. The funny thing is I commented to my wife about the ladies of curling being some of the most beautiful athletes I have ever seen. ( I am older and remember when female athletes kind of looked like mis-engendered truck drivers)
    As an old man I can appreciate beauty without getting my nose all jacked out of place and slobbering all over my keyboard.
    From the photos I hav eseen, they have nothing to be ashamed of, except maybe a few old people like myself having an occasional heart flutter. ( Smile )

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    The NEW 2009 calendar is on sale in North America!

    2009 Women of Curling Calendar: click here:


    Story here:


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