March 23, 2019

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  1. fcc.curling

    Fredericton Curling Club is anything but “el toasto”. We’ll be offering arena ice all season long starting in October 2007. Join us at the Coliseum located on the historic exhibition grounds (Smythe Street). Visit us on the web at
    153 Years and still counting!
    Cyndi Greene
    President, Fredericton Curling Club

  2. Ed

    Yes we are up and running very well. Membership is growing every day. The lounge is operational The ice is very high quality according to an email to from John Larsen of NBCA.
    The rocks for the fifth sheet are in play. Little rocks and juniors are greater in numbers than last year Learn to curl well attended
    If you are in Fredericton check us out.
    Ed Haggerty Vice President FCC

  3. FCC

    Time to change your blog lead story on this site. Fredericton Curling Club is up and running very well in a new and better location. Those golfers who shunned the old club and went to CWC are really having second thoughts now. Just ask the competitive seniors who curl in the Monday Morning league!
    Russ was up from Moncton and liked the ice. Sure there is work to do on the setup but then how many Curling Clubs have to be constantly bombed and picked on by city hall to stiffle their development???
    So please change the lead story line or blog someone else.
    Ed Haggerty
    FCC VP


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