March 23, 2019

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  1. Dan

    What ??? I don't think a woman should be telling men what "other" women are hot ! I side with your husband and would add Cheryl Bernard, she screams hotness ! Just look at that picture a few entries ago.

    I don't care what guys you pick, but let us guys (or your husband) pick the hot women….thankyouverymuch.

  2. Your Big Bro

    I think that T-dog has the beer goggles on a bit. Stellar journalism once again M-Web..

  3. Anonymous

    I vote Jennifer Jones, Tara George, Kari Maclean and Jacquie Armstrong.

  4. Anonymous

    I disagree with everyone…

    Sam Preston, 2nd for Crystal Webster, hottest female curler in Canada.

  5. Reid Carruthers

    Lead happens to be one of my best friends from highschool. Yet he is the furthest thing from a farmer. Dont think he stepped foot on a farm until making of the commercial. His name is Jason! Not gunnlaugson however!

    Reid Carruthers


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