March 23, 2019

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  1. Paul

    The link to the Danish news story does not seem to be correct. It takes me to a news story that (while I do not speak Danish) seems to be about Princess Diana. Is this the story you meant: ?

    1. admin

      Found another story and updated the link… thanks Paul!

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  3. jody

    I think the calendar portrays the women of the team as whores and sluts, and is a bad image for women curlers. Showing off your tits has nothing to do with curling. They should be ashamed of themselves, and the curling association should be ashamed of itself for producing such a “slam on women” calendar. If showing off their bare arses and breastss is the only way these women can get a following, then that says they should quit curling, cuz its certainly not their skills as curlers that is making people buy this calendar. Its offensive to women curlers! If you want to do a calender like this, then use porn stars who are paid to be porn stars! but don’t put women curlers in the same class. I’m offended that this calender continues to be produced, as are many of my female co-curlers.

  4. sharon

    here, here Jody! If your going to have a womens curling calender, then show the teams curling their best shots…clothed and in team colours! Give them the respect they deserve, otherwise, call it Sluts on Ice! and pull them off the Curling teams! Its plain and simple PORN and should not be condoned by the Canadian, or any, international curling association or their members! It amazes me that these women on our Canadian team actually agreed to pose for this! Do they not have any self respect, don’t their families have respect for them and their actual curling skills!?!?!?!?!?! Are all those hours of curling practice meaningless, cuz they can make more of a name for themselves by stripping?! give me a break. The women in these calenders have lost all of my respect as curlers, and as sports-women, and I will continue to change the channel evertime I see them play…My husband once told me that women curling just isn’t as interesting to watch as mens curling because they have neither the skill nor the strength to curl competetively enough. Ok, I agree, we lack on sweeping strenght. But with this calender being out now, many men of our club avidly watch the womens curling…not cuz of their “new-found ” curling skills, but becuase they are picturing these women naked going down the ice. They still say its boring, but talk about how the women look naked in the calendar, and who looks the best/worse while glancing at the game on tv. You’ve help ruin the respect for women curlers that has been slow to evolve. Thanks.

  5. RollingMyEyes

    You make some good points Sharon. This type of thing really does degrade women and the sport and only feeds the attitudes of men who think women are lesser beings. Some of them even think women’s curling just isn’t as interesting to watch because they have neither the skill nor the strength. (Time to trade up Honey).

  6. Ian

    Please remember that not all men are sexist. While it may be true that women may or may not have the ‘sweeping strength’ of men, who cares. The point of the game is to get the rocks closest to the button. That takes an enormous amount of skill and talent (not given to everybody) in being able to read the ice and to get the rocks there–regardless of the gender. I do agree that the reputation of the game has been diminished. I have found that if you have to resort to sex to sell anything, from movies to chocolate, you have degraded, trivialized, and debased the item to the lowest denominator. In this case, while the women are gorgeous, they have been objectified and depersonalized. This is a sport of compitition and skill, not a smut show. Why not highlight their accomplishments and skills and not just their “assets”.

  7. lucinda macgregor

    You’re simply jealous. Being a slut and a whore is a state of mind, not body. There are many sides to a person, and if they are attractive, that is what is being shown here. There are hundreds of pictures of them curling, we all know how good they are there. What is wrong with showing the whole person, and why should they be ashamed of showing a beautiful body.

    Get a grip.


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