November 19, 2018

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    It’s going to be Kaitlyn Lawes from what I have heard.

  2. 2

    annie mickie

    It’s Kaitlyn Lawes the team has officially announced it!

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    Maybe Cathy-O can team up with Dana to form a new squad? 😉

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    D.A. Wozniak

    I was shocked to hear that Jones let Katie O go. Only this week a few of us were talking about Jones’s curling year and many of us mentioned that maybe if she let Kathie O throw skip rocks, she’d go somewhere.
    Personally, I find Jennifer Jones very aloof and condescending and certainly is not people friendly. You could tell by her demeanor that she was far from happy to be out there curling and who wants to watch that? My husband and I actually quit watching her games as she was so miserable and cold . Our thoughts–Kathie you are lucky to get away from her, she certainly didn’t want you to outshine her. Thank You.

  5. 5

    Gilbert G

    Dump Jennifer Jones !!!!!!!

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    It’s unfortunate that the media has to put such a negative spin on everything, it just incites more negativity (yes I’m talking to you D.A. & Gilbert)! I’m sure at no time did Team JJ use the words dumping, sacking, booting, etc. in regards to Cathy, and yet that is how it is portrayed by the media. This was a curling lineup change, people, it happens all the time! I’m quite impressed that the team had the courage to make what I think was a necessary change. I hope it works out for them, only time will tell, but at least they will know that they weren’t complacent. I’m excited for the new Team Jennifer Jones and I wish them well.

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    I am shocked as well. I think Jones should look in the mirror, her team should be looking for a new skip not a new third. Look at the record this year it is not Cathy who is the problem. I wish Cathy all the best and hope she finds a new team to play with in Manitoba and then we will see who the top seed is from Manitoba.

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    George Mason

    What a match we could have-Jennifer Jones & Eve Muirhead two cuties who make a curl stand up straight !!

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    Ellen Fan

    Way to go Kathy O. Canadians everwhere has let Jennifer know her actions were lacking integrity and nasty they also let her know by the standing ovations and cheering for Kathy who was the favorite on the former Canadian women’s team.

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    G. Tripp, you called it! Good one!

    Jennifer Jones, the Tonya Harding of curling!

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    Karen Backman

    I wonder what all you Cathy O fans think now in 2013. What’s so wrong with wanting to make your team better? It’s Jennifer’s right. Other sports teams do it all the time. I like Cathy O, but JJ was thinking about Cathy’s chronic knee problem; of course the upcoming Olympics. As for the media, they ALWAYS put a negative spin on their stories. I think it’s a prerequisite.

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    I do not think Cathy O was the problem. I think Jennifer Jones should have been axed because it was her who was not playing well. She just needed a scapegoat and her third was it! Cathy O is better off without that team!

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    ryan friesen

    what u think of dumping O now? was a smart move by the best womans curler who ever lived, Jennifer jones 🙂

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    Dee Jay

    I think time has shown Jennifer Jones is one of the most clutch last rock throwers! Her choices have shown to be pretty much bang on. Nothing left for her to prove……but I think she will actually do that…prove she is one of the best of all time.


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