January 23, 2019

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  1. Scott Pfeifer

    Makoto Tsuruga played in both the 1997 World Jrs. (in Japan) losing to Canada in the bronze medal game (I remember it well :). Went on to compete at the 1998 Winter Olympics, losing the bronze medal game as well I think?

  2. ObsessiveCurler

    Tsuruga skipped the 98 Olympic Curling team in Nagano. Lost a tiebreaker? to the USA’s Sommerville. Makoto looked devasted afterwards.

    1. admin

      Congrats to both Obsessive and Pfeif: but an additional kudo to Obsessive, for remembering that Olympic tiebreaker. Sommerville’s winning shot was one of the greatest ever seen (or not seen, as it were) in curling history.

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