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Vol. 55 Issue 1: November 2010

  • Spring, Summer and Fall

    The Curling News takes our readers through an incredible list of off-season and early fall stories

  • Enter The Dragon’s Den

    A curling entrepreneur gives the business pitch of his life to Canada’s no-nonsense TV investment stars

  • SoCal Spotlight

    Our new feature Curling In America takes a look at those Hollywood rockers in Los Angeles

  • The Curling News TV Guide

    Only The Curling News gives you monthly TV curling listings that cover all shows in all markets

  • Men With Brooms

    They’re back… and only The Curling News can give you the ultimate backstage pass

  • xM Volume 1 Issue 1

    Whatever this may be, it is only available to subscribers of The Curling News

  • The Dominion Club Corner

    Looks up, way up, into success stories from the Arctic Circle

  • The 2011 Women of Curling

    The calendar is back, but with numerous twists: it’s clean, Canadian and a functional curling calendar too

  • Curling World gone Bananas

    Resident curmudgeon Larry Wood lets fly at all things strange and shocking in The Roaring Game

  • More Moosie Farewells

    TV’s beloved curling commentator gets a Gemini nomination and a gala sendoff

  • Vancouver 2011?

    Sam Corea is our new columnist from beautiful (and post-Olympic) British Columbia

  • Adult Curling Retention Explained

    A “Eureka!” moment for the sport… and your club’s retention tactics will never be the same again

  • Jim Armstrong’s Wild Ride

    The criminal charges shocked the curling world… but it’s already been one big roller coaster ride

  • The Return of The Pants

    There are fears – and cheers – that the Norwegian curling pants are growing in number… and colours

  • Guessing Game

    A high-profile curling coach recently jumped from one team to another… skipped by some gal named Jennifer Jones…

  • They Said It

    Our monthly showcase of collectible curling quotations

  • Round Two for the Club Curler

    A look at next month’s second-ever The Dominion Club Curling Championship

  • The Great Outdoors

    Canada’s Olympic heroines turn to a very large advertising medium to attract much-needed sponsorship

  • They Should’ve Stayed in Bed

    Jeff Stoughton welcomes his old third… and suffers a painful opening to his World Curling Tour season

  • … and Still More!