November 17, 2018

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    Manitoba Legend

    Thanks for all your efforts Gerry & Dallas, past and present. You know that many of your posters and chatters are on stand-bye if you need help with mini fund=raisers in places like Winnipeg,Saskatchewan,Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Brandon, etc.
    Manitoba Legend and Fresca are on board. I’m sure you would have support from folks like CurlerBroad, J-HO, DinoRock, etc. if some fund-raising is required.

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    Bill F

    This is terrible. Who would do such a thing? Is there any way I can help? Can I donate money to help the recovery process? Please let me know.

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    InfoTech Curler

    I feel for the guys, and have been a user of those sites for a long time. But if there wasn’t any form of offline/offsite backup of the data being done then this was just a matter of time, unfortunately.

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    Oh, this is terrible… I have friends with sites and they sometimes tell it’s horrible, cracker attacks are a boring thing. Be careful, because some IP adresses are mascarade… but, what the reason? Maybe they used for training or fun. Backup is necessary, but the crackers never erase our ideas. Way to go!

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    Al Cameron

    Speaking on behalf of media types of relied on the work Gerry and Dallas have put in over the years with little thanks in return, I feel horrible for them. Working this weekend, conservatively, I tried to access these sites for research purposes, and realized in a hurry just how invaluable it’s become in my line of work. Wishing a speedy recovery for the sites and for a break or two for Gerry.

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    Dallas and Gerry.
    When you get back online let us know if we can donate (don’t want to screw up your tax situation), and where to send the check.
    I am not wealthy, but it would be worth a couple hundred bucks to help you guys restore a site where I have an incredible amount of (mostly silly) fun.
    And a pox on the redneck who hacked you.

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    Canadian Abroad

    Unbelievable. Curling Zone is such a treasure trove of information and is so valuable to every curling fan… this is so horrible. As others have said – we want to help! If there is any legal way we can help donate, please let us know! CZ users will stand with you, Gerry and Dallas!

  8. 8

    Natalia A

    Oh my..that’s surreal! Why on Earth someone would hack a Curling site ??It makes no sense.

  9. 9

    wee eddie

    My pockets/sporran are not as deep as Dinorock’s then, I’m not as good looking but, when you get the site on line again, set up a PayPal link and I’ll weigh in with a shekel or three.

  10. 10


    Glad I found the Curling News site, which gives the reasons for the lengthy downtime. Cuddos to Gerry and Dallas, as this problem must be causing plenty of headaches, and we all hope you are successful in getting all of the info restored. I never realized how much I loved using the site until it was down… now I really appreciate all the hard work that goes into making the site the best for curling. I totally agree with Gerry when he says they must spend whatever amount to get everything restored. I’m sure there are lots of us who are willing to support any fundraising that might be required.

    A big thanks to curlingzone from Lethbridge.

    1. 10.1


      Gameon: Are you saying you’ve just found The Curling News website now, for the first time? *eyes widen in wonderment* But seriously… welcome, and thanks for your support of our friends at CZ

  11. 11


    Ahh Wee Eddie. If I didn’t give it to Curlingzone, I would just lose it at the casino.

  12. 12


    Oh Gerry and Dallas, why would someone do such a horrible thing to such a reliable and worthy site. I miss you guys soooo much and I miss the little daily mini wars. Would be happy to help in any way I can. Regards,

  13. 13


    We should ALL give a donation somehow to help Gerry

  14. 14


    Just chatted with Gerry for a bit. He seemed tired but in pretty good spirits considering the BS they are going through. Guess Curling is a bigtime sport now… Good Luck to you boys.

    BTW – for those who knew Pat Spiring, I just got a note that said his obit would be in the WPG Sun tomorrow.

  15. 15


    Not sure the Korea/China rumour should have been published in this article. It perpetuates stereotypcial global angst. That said… we do need to support Gerry and Dallas. Saw on one google search there’s a “paypal” button where we could donate – but I’ve yet to successfully find it.

    1. 15.1


      Nelski: We did not publish a rumour: we published a quote from Gerry regarding factual information about another hack. Gerry’s musings about a possible connection to his unfortunate hack were part of the quote. As for mentioning China and Korea… well, when the only information available is the geographic location, ie. country, of an IP address – as is often the case with cyber crimes – what the heck are we supposed to say? We prefer to leave any theories re. “stereotypical global angst” to the political writers, who will have lots to say following Hu Jintao’s meetings with Obama.

  16. 16


    Hey folks: curling fans wishing to donate funds to help CurlingZone can find the PayPal button on the temporary CZ homepage at:

  17. 17


    When you look at all the other sites to hack that you could have made money on, you have to shake your head at the stupidity of the hackers responsible. There was nothing to gain by taking down CZ and its sister sites. Hopefully Gerry and Dallas will get things back to normal in a few days so we can read more insightful wisdom from Manitoba Legend! LOL

  18. 18


    Re: Nelski – “Not sure the Korea/China rumour should have been published in this article. It perpetuates stereotypcial global angst.”

    No. A thousand times no. The problem is that you would jump to perceive the comment as perpetuating stereotypical global angst. Anyone with a sliver of common sense would realize that was not the intent of anyone involved with the quote (writer, quotee, etc.). You must be a politician…

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  20. 19


    This is a shame but a sad fact of cyber-life. It is a fact that more and more hackers are coming from China/Korea.

    I too shall dip into the penny jar and donate towards curlingzone.coms recovery.

  21. 20

    Manitoba Legend

    Cyber attacks are not just originating from Korea or China. And they aren’t interested in a boat load of curling data and such. THey’re interested in hacking the cache of credit card numbers they can extract from sites like this, and others with even more credit customers.

    However, the hackers really don’t know how many cred. card numbers they can obtain until they’ve hi-jacked a site……

    In Winnipeg, external hackers were able to to hack into an ultra-secure RBC site and steal hundreds, possibly thousands of credit card numbers, even some passwords. Be careful on any site, even the super-secure ones, particulary the super-secure ones.

    There is no such thing as 100% security!

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    Manitoba Curler

    Where’s the backup plan? I am surprised by the fact that it will cost $6,000 to recover the data. Is there no daily or weekly backup to fall back to? If not I would suggest there should be now. Media is cheap… External Hard Drives, or DVD both would work find.

  23. 22


    I hope Gerry & Dallas get things sorted out. I just made a donation through the PayPal link from their site. I encourage you all to do the same, we have been using their site for free for all these years. While they do generate add revenue this isn’t a big money making site and this is a huge expense for them.

  24. 23


    Missing all you CZ pals…Anything I can do to help, don’t hesitate to ask!


  25. 24


    Thanks for the update guys. It has been quite a shock to figure out over the last week or better how much I really need my CZ fix. Good luck with the telethon, er, fundraising.

    And if you need someone to sing “You Never Walk Alone” at the end of it all, well, lets’ just say I am warming my vocal cords up.

    (Lets ring those phone for all “my kids.”)

  26. 25

    Manitoba Legend

    I’m watching the BC ladies final and Melissa Soligo said some nice things about Curling Zone on the Shaw Cable broadcast. BTW, its Kelley Law vs. Kelly Scott – Scott is one up with the hammer heading home……after a fab week of womens curling both Kelley Law and her third Jody Maskiewich have tightened up and aren’t makiing enough shots to overcome the very conservative Scott!

  27. 26

    Mary Peed

    I don’t even curl or really follow curling but have friends who do (both) and I’m willing to contribute. This one is a real mindboggler…

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    L. Howarth

    Sorry to hear about Curlingzone (not so much in regard to other sites).
    Folks…donations are better than words at this point..I just left Paypal and it worked fine….hint..hint.

    We alway had two clones of our site data bases, especially with drives so cheap now. We dropped one every night to the first backup. Just before backing to the primary we dumped it’s contents to the secondary. That way we had a chance to recover if attacked.

    It’s easy to bounce of China, etc. if you know what your doing……unfortunitely this person could be local…

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    Guy Tremblay

    Well it has been 2 weeks this morning, since CZ went off the air/web whatever you want to call it, can we get a time-frame update of where CZ now stands and possibly back-on-air timing. All the CZ fans really asppreciate your efforts and we miss you greatly. Thanks.

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    Manitoba Legend

    Yes, its been two weeks since the site crashed. However, we’re talking about a total site re-build and the old site had just mega-tons of curling history, results, scores, opinions, chats, articles, etc. Lots of archives, too.
    Wouldn’t surprise me if the site wasn’t up for at least another 2 to 4 weeks, hopefully in time for the scotties in PEI….
    What I wouldn’t mind is at least a basic site starting again with some of the more important features of the old site!

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    Alex Coffey

    Good luck and speedy recovery. I’m sure Jamcan will point out that if BC had adopted the 5 region playdown this never would have happened.

  32. 31

    L. Howarth

    This is a huge job! I suspect all efforts are going into the rebuilding of the site as opposed to updates of status. There is only so much time one can spend staring at a computer!

    I know this has happened to other sites but don’t understand why anyone would attack the drives. All they needed to do is clone the information. Destroying the site only alerts everyone to the attack. This seems more malicious than theft orientated (or a bit of both).

  33. 32


    Did the CBC ever cut back to the Slam final?

  34. 33


    Just went to the paypal site and made a small donation. I too am missing my CZ fixes and updates. Even the Curlmanitoba Scotties website went down on Sunday from too much traffic. If everyone who regularily used CZ donated a couple bucks then …..

  35. 34


    I think since curling clubs pretty much should be making small donations to a cause, that you should ssend a note to all curling clubs and ask for a donation . I would hope you would be pleasantly surprised. I would even help if needed. Its a necessary website. I am lost without it


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