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How I Met Your Mother

What happened? She “went Canadian”

Yes, we’re back… and we’ll have more on where the heck we’ve been in a little while. For now, we must explain that odd headline.

The curling Twitterverse suffered a slight eruption last night after another episode of the popular U.S. TV sitcom How I Met Your Mother. Apparently, one of the characters let fly with a curling zinger:

“I’m as serious as a poutine shortage in Chicoutimi during a curling bonspiel.”

This is no surprise to us. Back in late 2009, the HIMYM show writers lobbed their first curling bomb at their millions of fans, and we ran a brief TCN Newsdesk feature on it.

This was previously available only in the December 2009 print edition of The Curling News, but here it is for you now. Along with another reminder that if you don’t subscribe to The Curling News, you are missing out on tons of monthly curling news bits and bites – serious and offbeat, modern and historical, cultural and pop-cultural.

Just sayin’ …

A recent episode of the CBS TV comedy How I Met Your Mother was titled “Duel Citizenship” and poked fun at both Canadians and curling.

Robin (Cobie Smulders) is a Canadian in New York City, and finds herself slightly out of sync with U.S. cultural customs. Even her American friends have never quite understood her Canadian colloquialisms or the horrifying sports fan that hockey brings out in her. After one particularly stellar performance in a bar, a U.S. citizen presses assault charges against her for throwing the chair that broke his nose (photo above by Karen Neal/Fox). The legal charges force Robin to contemplate becoming an American citizen in order to avoid deportation. Her boyfriend Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) does his best to help her prepare for U.S. citizenship… and eventually shows her a picture of people curling.

Barney: “What’s taking place in this picture?”

Robin: “Oh, that’s curling. It’s a sport where…” 

Barney: “Wrong! The answer we were looking for is: ‘I don’t care. It’s dumb.’ Now let’s go buy something that’s bad for us, and then sue the people who made it. That’s American, Robin.”

The night before the test Robin decides to visit the Hoser Hut, a Canadian bar in New York City, for one last beer. She gets drunk – with a women’s curling team – and Barney wakes her up in a wrecked hotel room in Toronto, where she was sleeping on the floor, amid curling brushes, cuddling a curling stone.

“What happened last night?” she asks.

“You … went Canadian,” Barney replies.

“Since we poke fun at Canada every chance we get, it was only a matter of time that curling got a shout out,” quipped Beth Haiken of CBS Television to The Curling News.

The episode scored a 5.2 rating, worth 8.07 million viewers.

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