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Brier 2013: Our pundit predictions

That’s a lot of purple hearts. They should wear ’em all.

As advised, the March issue of The Curling News includes some essential Brier content – including predictions from an elite panel of experts.

Mark Dacey, Sherry Middaugh, Al “The Iceman” Hackner and Randy Ferbey have all donned their thinking caps and made their calls on how Edmonton 2013 is going to throw down; be sure to check out the March issue for all the fun.

And now we’ve added a fifth fearless prognosticator, just for our online followers. From a busy weekend coaching his sons at a provincial bantam championship, here’s the picks from world champion, Olympic medallist, ex-Howard third and new Sportsnet curling analyst – Richard Hart!

Ontario – 9-2
Alberta – 9-2
Manitoba – 9-2
These three teams are closely matched and are head and shoulders above the rest of the field. These guys will be the gold, silver and bronze medal winners and will all be playing next Sunday. All three of them will be 1-1 against each other and then lose one other game to the field out of sheer boredom.
Northern Ontario – 7-4
Quebec – 7-4
These two teams will be the best of the rest and play a tiebreaker for the fourth spot. Unfortunately for the winner, all the TB means is two more losses to their record (the 3-4 game and the bronze medal game).
Saskatchewan – 6-5
Newfoundland and Labrador – 6-5
These guys will have to wait a few more years for the Big Three to retire. Nice week!
To the rest of the field… congratulations on making it to the greatest show in curling. Edmonton 2013 will be one of the best Briers ever; enjoy the Patch!
Finally, Manitoba vs Ontario in the final. It’s a coin flip… but I know who I’ll be cheering for!

[CCA photo by Michael Burns – click on image to increase viewing size]

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