January 23, 2019

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  1. Marie Hickey

    Best of luck at the Worlds Steph and Team Homan! Will look forward to your blog.

  2. Ian Tetley

    Steph, the journey is always what makes the occasion special. Later in life I’m sure the story will get embellished to you got stranded for a couple days in the airport…LOL
    Good luck and enjoy the ride.

  3. Richard Martin

    Don’t know about all you folks in Curling land out there, but wouldn’t it be nice if TSN showed the entire game, instead of ignoring the first few stones of literally every end? Personally, I tune in to see the ‘entire’ game – which includes the ‘First’ players on each team.
    They did this with the STOH, and they did this with the Brier. This is hardly fair to the first thrower on our teams; last I heard, there were four players on every team!
    Be nice to hear some commentary on this matter. It’s the same as showing the World Series, but not the first batter in every inning! Poor coverage!

    Just my opinion

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