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Sochi 2014: Quick thoughts on the run

Stream-of-consciousness style…

by Mike McEwen in Sochi, Russia

Look away vegans, look away!

• Slept in today…. apparently setting alarm for 11:00am as a backup meant I was getting up at 11:00am!

• Last night had some bedtime vodkas with Anil, Trevor, Brent… the late night snacks we picked up were amazing (whole chicken on a skewer with dipping sauce). No cutlery of course… bare hands!

• Bigger crowd today… hockey had an obvious effect last night (Russia vs USA).

• Caught a quick lunch (both liquid and solid) at Canada Olympic House before this game… caught some of the Jacobs girls napping (will send pic soon, ha!)

• Email from gk, then interviewed by Yahoo! Sports re. the Men of Curling Calendar. Well… I’m not supposed to be the centre of ANY attention here, but it seems that cover might be blown… but hey, at least it’s for a good cause – 12 different good causes, to be exact! Have you got yours yet…?

• Great break in seventh end… thought Erika had stuffed that runback, but it popped open and we forced her to draw and stole one. That was a better end from Team Canada.

Wake up your ladies, fellas!

• Note to self… I missed coffee this morning and don’t feel quite right (addiction?). Must hit up the espresso machine in COH… cappuccino anyone? Haha…

• My side view seat sucks today… at least it’s end seating for the playoffs! On a positive note, I’m beside the Denmark/Korea game… wow… the Korean girls are loud… and entertaining (if you like horror movie style screaming/dying)…!

• Really like the seventh and eighth ends our Canadian girls played. That’s more like themselves.

Dawn makes two ticks in the 10th end… haha… I’m not surprised… which is why I won’t play her one-on-one (no sense bruising my ego)…

• Sweden is just scraping and clawing through games… could this be the third time in a row they avoid a loss that looked deserved?

• Crap… Jen is a little light… extra-end… beer time on hold…

The Tick Woman! With some help from friends…

• Correction… FOUR ticks in a row for Dawn! Let’s make the simple ones and let the skipper have the four-foot for the win…

• Stoked for Canada vs. Finland hockey game tonight… with some inside connections, might even enjoy this one with seats with our girls!!!!

• I don’t know how the Swedish skip could hear herself think on that last one! The “TCCCCCC” sign was obviously not working!

• And what the heck is going on in Japan vs. Switzerland extra-end???? Swiss wouldn’t concede even though they’re not shot??? Mind-boggling… Draw made for two, haha… I would of held my hand out until they shook!

• Great confidence-building draw, full-four, for the win… both for the sweepers and thrower… get that stress level up and convert! Nice win ladies… not picture perfect but a W!

[Action photos copyright The Curling News® by Anil Mungal – click on images to increase viewing size]

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3 thoughts on “Sochi 2014: Quick thoughts on the run

  1. Why do we not see the leads throw their rocks in olympic coverage

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  2. Watch the live streaming on your computer……it’s much better than TV

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  3. Hi Maureen! The breaks between ends in the Olympics are only 60s, which explains why you are missing some shots because of commercials. If you can get the raw OBS feed then you can see everything!

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