September 21, 2018

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    Edie Lloyd

    John, Thanks for all the great curling this past year. It was awesome to watch you guys. It seems like you were just getting geared up again but I understand. There are things other than curling. The game will not be the same without you next year 🙁 Best wishes.

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    Donna Hlady

    Good Luck with your next step in life. Hope to see you back on the ice soon. 😉

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    Yvonne Chafe

    Good Luck John in all you future endeavours…Just follow your heart wherever it might take you

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    Karen Hughe

    I’ve followed John’s curling along with my own children, their friends, Schell’s etc over the years, back in Ontario, and know that curling is sooo in his blood.

    Your passion and love for your fellow curlers and the game was more evident than ever. The crew believed in themselves and you had a big part of that influence. Life is a journey… curling has given you and your family opportunities where you were able to drive your desire and love to compete in the game. You still have some things yet to do in the curling world, I bet…. timing is everything. Hang in there John… many, many will miss you next year… you have a lot to share… love to see you back soon. All the best and may your dreams come true.

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    Marilyn Syversen

    I’m not saying good-bye …..just see you again….good luck and hurry hurry hard back ….we’ll miss you!

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    I don’t think Morris will make the brier unless he gets a freebie. He’s just not that good any more. Cotter carried that team last year and when he went average the team was average too. Barely escaped provincials last year.

    Say what you want Moderator but its obvious Morris just wants to be aboard any team that gets the free pass.

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    Thanks for all the good times John. I need a skip for our International Bonspiel here in Whitehorse next March, whata ya say?

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    Lee m

    I so enjoyed watching every game John and cheering foe Team BC / Morris. I have fond memories of our chance meeting Calgary and you allowing me to hold your gold medal without reservation. Hope you get to be Team Canada at the Brier in Calgary and I will be cheering for you once again.
    Good Luck in your future.

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