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The Curling News April 2013: Digitally enhanced

Cover of the April 2013 issue

Our final print issue of this 2012-13 season is out and about, and has been arriving in mailboxes this week. And once again we’ve produced a great collection of stories, expert and amateur opinions, news bits and bites, quotable quotes, tales of delight and woe, brilliant action photography (Photos of the Year), specific curling TV/web coverage listings through April and the months ahead… and so much more.

We also celebrate the accomplishments our own; not one but two The Curling News writers who recently received awards for their work.

This is where we usually point out that the contents of each issue of The Curling News can’t be found anywhere else – not on this popular blog, not through our Facebook page, nor from our rockin’ Twitter feed – and that you should subscribe to ensure you can count yourself among The Most Informed Curling Fans™ in existence. But since we beg and plead often enough, we figure, let’s switch it up and offer something different.

For the second year in a row, our April finale is available online, free to one and all, as a digital issue. Moreover, it’s an enhanced and super-sized edition, bursting with extra pages of content and digital links. Turn each page and let your cursor roam over text, images, even advertisements – and you’ll see and hear multiple hyperlinks available for you to click on.

It’s all about more, more, MORE – and we think you’ll like what we’ve assembled for you. From us to you, from one small collection of curling fans to the entire curling world.

We’ve got a new promo box on our homepage that can lead you straight to this digital special – or you can simply click here to be sent there directly. If you’d like to share this digital edition with anyone, please feel free to use this customized shortlink:

Check it out, share it, and let us know what you think. And if you like what you see, please consider subscribing to The Curling News. We appreciate your support… from one small collection of curling fans to another!

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The Curling News: 2013 Brier edition

Hurry hard to get the March issue

We haven’t promoted our print edition on the blog in a very long time, and there happens to be a major curling event starting this weekend in Edmonton… so here we go.

You won’t want to miss the March 2013 issue of The Curling News, aka The Brier Issue. The cover story leads with The Bad Boys, aka Brock Virtue’s Saskatchewan foursome, and what on earth really happened at the Sasky provincial. But that’s not all: the story goes on to compare other Brier Bad Boys and their recent misbehaviours at the Big Show, and what the Canadian Curling Association has traditionally done about their trangressions – or not. So unlike what this fun video exemplifies, there might be more than just one team of Brier Bad Boys at Rexall Place.

Our Brier coverage continues with columnist Terry Jones, who points to the significance of the Brier plus Alberta’s Team Kevin Martin as the host hopefuls… and also wonders if this will be the last Brier to feature the Big Three: KMart, Jeff Stoughton and Glenn Howard? There’s also a feature from Senior Columnist Larry Wood on Edmonton curling hero Matt Baldwin, who will be feted live and in person during Friday night’s opening Brier banquet: Baldwin is more than curling’s oldest living Brier champion skip, he was – according to Woody and others – the sport’s first bonafide character, the Guy before Hemmings, so to speak.

There’s also a full-page feature on our official The Curling News Brier Predictions, where no less than four all-star curling legends offer their fearless punditry – who will win, place and show (and not) from March 2-10. Who are they, you wonder? Subscribe today, right away, and we’ll toss your Brier Issue into the mail same day, rushed to you pronto.

Of course, there’s more than The Brier to enjoy in this issue. Newsdesk and They Said It are two of our most popular monthly departments, and this month is no exception. A popular player and pundit – who wields a large digital footprint – weighs in with his love for the sport contrasted with the one thing that really, really bothers him about curling. There’s value for curling facility mangers and decision-makers, too, as this month’s The Dominion Club Corner tells us all about the tiny curling club that just sold its naming rights to a local business for $25,000 a year; that’s a whopping $250,000 in fresh funding over the duration of a 10-year contract.

There’s more, too, including the monthly Curling TV/Web Guide, listing all the televised and online curling coverage you could hope to find and watch, through March and half of April, and across multiple platforms in multiple countries. Not just the Brier, and world women’s and world men’s – how about a replay of last year’s Brier final between Alberta’s Kevin Koe and Ontario’s Howard? How about coverage en francais, via Quebec’s RDS2? How about a provincial championship for Saskatchewan’s Mixed Doubles championship, and another featuring their recreational players, leading to this fall’s The Dominion Club Curling Championship?

That’s right, The March issue of The Curling News has it all. And if you don’t have it yet, check out your subscription options today. We’ll be glad to tuck you in, and we thank you in advance for your support.

[Lineup of March issue contents located here; click on cover image to increase viewing size]

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The Curling News: December 2009 issue

The December 2009 issue of The Curling News, our Olympic Trials special, is ready for your to devour.

Head to our website for hints on the contents, which include multiple Trials stories and previews (including picks from four TCN experts); The Curling News TV Guide; Santa Hemmings; Hollywood on curling (again); our annual book sale is on again; three free digital ways your curling club can boost its profile; and the remarkable story of a World Curling Tour skip who is blind in one eye.

And so much more!

Check it out, and be sure to subscribe today for super-fast service.

As for other curling news, be sure to visit and click “Follow” on The Curling News Twitter feed, which is overheating with content, including:

• the shocking double-extra-end finish to The Dominion Curling Club Championship

• additional pics of the mayhem on our Facebook Group page (join today!)

• yesterday’s World Curling Tour results

• two different world wheelchair curling event results

• the daughter of a famous curler is back in provincials

• a new iPhone curling application

• more Roar of the Rings team previews

• getting to know Jennifer Jones

… and more!

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2010 Curling Calendar On Sale

A new curling calendar launches today, featuring action photography of some of the biggest names in The Roaring Game.

The 2010 Capital One Curling Calendar is now on sale for $16.95 (before shipping and handling) and features such rock stars as Jennifer Jones, Kevin Martin, Brad Gushue, Stefanie Lawton, Team Kevin Koe, Scottish wonderkid Eve Muirhead, and more.

“It’s a great idea and it’s an honour to be included,” said Glenn Howard, one of sixteen Olympic hopefuls who are skipping teams at Edmonton’s Roar of the Rings Olympic Trials starting December 6.

Howard’s image, captured by Capital One Grand Slam of Curling photographer Anil Mungal, appears on the cover. His team also makes an appearance inside.

“This is great for curling fans and it provides excellent exposure in an Olympic year. Curling is booming these days.”

The 13-month wall calendar hangs 9.5” x 24” in wire-o-bound for a perfect finish, and is printed in brilliant colour on the same high-grade,  glossy stock as the 2009 Women of Curling Calendar. Each calendar is also packed into a corrugated sleeve to prevent shipping damage.

The 2010 Capital One Curling Calendar is an all-ages, all-curling product and even includes event listings from far across the sport spectrum. Events both in Canada and around the world – even during the summer months – are included, making this a handy curling reference guide.

Net proceeds will be split equally between The Curling News and Shoot For A Cure Curling, the charitable campaign of the Canadian and American Spinal Research Organizations, which aims to cure spinal injuries and paralysis and boost awareness of wheelchair curling, an official 2010 Paralympic sport.

Click here to order your 2010 Capital One Curling Calendar… just in time for the holiday season!

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Martin’s Battle of the Blades

We must admit, we were having fun with this headline.
“How about: Martin traded to Storm… for Goldline brush and and bag of Chee-tos?”
You know, that sort of thing.
But on to the story.

In advance of his appearance at The National in January, the second Capital One Grand Slam of Curling event of the season, Kevin Martin made a series of promotional appearances in the Guelph, Ontario area earlier this week.

Martin started with a Monday morning trip to a curling club he has visited before. It was the KW Granite Club in Waterloo, the host venue of two TV Skins Games held earlier this decade.
Martin stepped into a club game to call an end and throw a couple of stones (he stole a point). He then answered an unending stream of questions from club members and autographed pictures and brooms.

According to the Waterloo Record, his best story was on the eccentricities of third John Morris. Morris once showed up for a Brier morning draw with an incredibly wrinkled, squashed team jacket. Fearing Morris’s dishevelled appearance was due a late night, the Alberta skip was relieved and amused to hear that Morris had this particular jacket rush-mailed to him from home in an superstitious effort to snap a shooting slump. It worked.
On Tuesday morning, “The Old Bear” dropped by the June Avenue Public School in Guelph, meeting approximately 60 Grade 5 and 6 students to discuss the importance of hard work, and staying focused to achieving goals.
Later that afternoon, Martin laced up his skates to become a Guelph Storm hockey “Player for a Day.”
The 2008 world champion met with Storm players at the Sleeman Centre, site of The National, to provide a motivational address. Afterward, Martin hit the ice with the team and took part in the club’s preliminary practice drills… and even scored a goal (TCN photo by Anil Mungal).
“It was an absolute blast,” Martin told The Curling News. “The guys were real friendly. It was fun to get hockey equipment on for the first time since 1982.

“The biggest message I was trying to get across was believing in themselves. Everyone at this level is good enough to do it. Only the ones that believe deep down they can do it will succeed.”

The Edmonton skip concluded his Ontario spin with a trip to the Guelph Curling Club on Tuesday night. There was another on-ice tutorial session, this time with players from the local Guelph high school league, followed by a meet and greet autograph session with club members, and Guelph Mayor Karen Farbridge.

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What the heck pt II

A couple of days ago, we asked: What the heck is going on here?

And now we ask it once again: in the Katie Greene photo above, what the heck is going on here?

We’ll tell you shortly. But for now, follow The Curling News Twitter feed and discover:

• who is in or out of Olympic contention, and the fate of the defending champions
• which country just saw TV curling fall into the endangered zone
• which city is hosting an on-ice border battle
• which low-profile curler is featured in the Financial Post
• what’s red, menacing, and located 55 feet from each curling hack

And much more later on… of course!

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Olympic pre-Trials underway

And they’re off!
The practice rounds are finished, the new uniforms are in play (Team Brad Gushue photo by CCA’s Michael Burns, click to zoom in) and now, finally, the first stones are underway at the Road to the Roar, the official Canadian Olympic pre-Trials curling qualifier at the CN Centre in Prince George, B.C.

There is live scoring action on two fronts: at CurlingZone’s Gameday Scoreboard and also at the Canadian Curling Association’s CurlCast. is in the house, with their first match webstreamed live to subscribers (or pay-per-viewers) at 3:30pm ET today: Pat Simmons (SK) versus Jean-Michel Menard (QUE).

TSN roars into town on Thursday, with live action scheduled right through to Saturday’s C-finals.

For these and other curling TV coverage listings, we sincerely hope you are checking out The Curling News TV Guide in the November issue of The Curling News, which has been out for over two weeks now.

You are a subscriber, right?

The Curling News Blog and Twitter pages will be humming with action throughout the week: in fact, today’s Twitterfeed links to no less than eight preview stories, in addition to even more curling stuff.

You do follow us on Twitter, right?

Just checking.

The Road to the Roar: game on!

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Curling fans: got Twitter?

Another reminder for you today, curling fans: if you aren’t following the The Curling News Twitter feed, you’re missing out.

Here’s what we’ve posted today:

• Is Nunavut curling on the upswing?

• SoCal curling on Nov. 7

• A look at the scorching Kelly Scott and Bob Ursel teams

• Edmonton now hosts a CCA national training centre

• DEKALB Super League is underway

David Murdoch up for major award

• Five – count ’em, FIVE – exclusive pics from Wednesday’s NBC Olympic festival at Rockefeller Plaza: curling, the wheelchairs, Deb McCormick in a bobsleigh and even Jimmy Fallon!

Visit the TCN Twitter page and click on “Follow” at top left…

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Curling party website

If you recall September’s launch announcement for Season of Champions TV, you will also recall mention of another new website coming soon: …!

This morning, the official website of curling’s biggest party palace – the Keith’s Patch – went live… check it out!

Curling fans can eyeball the bands listed to play at each of the SoC major events, as well as other information… and fans can even follow announcements on Twitter!

And we’ve got another idea for the CCA web moguls. We suggest building a place on the site for party fans to upload their own party pics… much as The Curling News Blog did during last year’s Tim Hortons Brier in Calgary: once, twice, thrice and again.

Patch it up, people!