July 16, 2018



Now into our 61st season of publishing, The Curling News also into its fourth year of offering a dynamic digital product.

Subscribers receive all six monthly issues in print format as they have since 1957. However, subscribers also receive an email message each month directing them to an expanded, enhanced online version of that issue.
Each digital issue features extra pages plus enhancements to the editorial and advertising content from the print edition.

Click on a story, and it might launch a webpage that continues the discussion.

Click on a photograph, and it might launch a photo gallery of additional images – or a related video.

Click on an advertisement, and it might launch a direct email response message.

“The official launch of The Curling News digital subscriber editions originally marked the end of a lengthy period of research, investigation and preparation,” said George Karrys, owner and publisher of The Curling News since 2003.

“This is what we’ve seen from major publishers around the world, and this is what the curling world has been asking for. At The Curling News, we are pleased to be able to offer these enhanced and expanded content services with no price increase to our advertising partners, and also at no price increase to our valued subscribers.”

Every digital issue of The Curling News is packed with hard news stories, features, stunning visuals and extra content pages full of vibrant hyperlinks. This is the content curling fans simply cannot find anywhere else.

NOTE: Each issue’s subscriber log-in name and password access is provided by an email notification; therefore new and current subscribers alike should ensure The Curling News has their email address on file.

To confirm your email address with The Curling News, send us a direct message through the website CONTACT page.

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