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top15The Curling News Top 15 is a weekly ranking of the best curling team performances as they occurred around the world, for both men and women, and utilizes savvy curling knowledge, complex mathematical theorems, and plain old subjectivity.

Read the comments under each team name for hints and tips on our line of thinking; and if you disagree, or believe we’re missing a notable team performance entirely, send us a message via the contact page and we’ll consider your input.


Updated April 12, 2017
1.Brad Gushue (St. John’s)
Amazing season – then consider skip’s lengthy injury
2.Niklas Edin (Sweden)
Hottest team in the world back in fall
3.Kevin Koe (Calgary)
Amazing what a decent Jan/Mar can do
4Mike McEwen (Winnipeg)
Amazing what a decent Feb/Mar can do
5.Brad Jacobs (Sault Ste. Marie)
Needed more pump-ups at the Brier?
6.Reid Carruthers (Winnipeg)
Superb season – and not bad at Mixed Dubs
7.Peter de Cruz (Switzerland)
We called the medal in Edmonton
8.John Morris (Vernon/Kelowna)
Excellent season, also Mixed Dubs finalist
9.John Epping (Toronto)
Looking for more in hometown Slam
10.Steve Laycock (Saskatoon)
New player: Matt Dunstone
11.Thomas Ulsrud (Norway)
They still look mahvellous
12.Kyle Smith (Scotland)
Heckuva season lads
13.Charley Thomas (Edmonton)
Good on any team
14.John Shuster (USA)
Another solid worlds result
15.Brendan Bottcher (Edmonton)
Brier rookie jitters?
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Updated April 12, 2017
1.Rachel Homan (Ottawa)
Wow. Just wow.
2.Jennifer Jones (Winnipeg)
Great season
3.Anna Sidorova (Moscow)
Amazing performance given challenges
4.Michelle Englot (Winnipeg)
Oh so close in St. Catherines
5.Eve Muirhead (Scotland)
Rallied for world bronze
6.Anna Hasselborg (Sweden)
Will be disappointed with Beijing result
7.Silvana Tirinzoni (Switzerland)
Injuries finally derailed an amazing season
8.Casey Scheidigger (Lethbridge, AB)
Are they for real? We think so
9.Chelsea Carey (Calgary)
New player: Cathy O
10.Victoria Moiseeva (Russia)
Euro champ won silver at WUG
11.Allison Flaxey (Caledon, ON)
She’s baaaaack
12.Val Sweeting (Edmonton)
Tough loss in Alberta final
13.Kerri Einarson (Winnipeg)
Wanted more from Buffalo provincial
14.Kelsey Rocque (Edmonton)
World University Games champs
15.Shannon Kleibrink (Okotoks)
Feel-good story of the season?
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